It's even worse than it appears.
Editorial: It's time for Trump to resign. That's all. πŸ’₯#
So many people saying now that they knew what Trump was doing but no one listened. Anyone who was paying attention knew. The problem wasn't that no one listened, it was that no one wanted to do anything about it. We all wanted to get out of it with someone else taking the risk. Mueller was supposed to be our savior, but he didn't want to risk it either. BTW, the thing that changed this time is the whistleblower, god bless them. Someone was willing to stick their neck out for all of us.#
Lizzie Vann is the new owner of Bearsville Center in Woodstock. Here's an interview on WDST where she explains what's going on. #
I heard someone say that Joe Biden is the Democratic equivalent of Jeb Bush for 2019. Now I can't get that idea out of my head.#
757 images from Scripting News in the last three years. #
Someone should open a hosting service like Digital Ocean where an instance comes with a great VNC server pre-installed, and a Mac client that just needs to know the domain name of the server, you're in GUI-land and of course can access the server via Terminal.#
On the advice of a friend I got the new remastering of Abbey Road. I have been listening. Here's my reaction -- it sounds just like Abbey Road, which is so deeply ingrained in my being it might as well be part of my DNA. In other words I can't hear any difference. I hope whoever got the money ($10 for MP3s) does something good with it. ;-)#
The NRA being controlled by Russia is something to contemplate. Every mass killing with automatic weapons is an attack on US by Russia. It’s a shooting war, not with Russian soldiers, or drones even, with human American proxies.#

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