It's even worse than it appears.
Dropbox has a huge lead as the personal and corporate network storage system. Building on that is no mystery, we have 50+ years experience. The problem is they’re doing it all internally. Let a thousand flowers bloom. Thread on Twitter.#
I read in a profile on Twitter (sorry can't find now) that American == white. Everyone else is hyphenated. That's true. I am a first-generation American, my parents were from Europe. Refugees. But I am not hyphenated. No one asks where I'm from.#
Today's the day that all MLB games start at the same time, no matter where they're played. This was a good design call, imho -- in case there were still undetermined races, they can't be decided before your team's game starts. #
2345 images from this blog going back to 2001.#
My friend who loves the new release of Abbey Road, which I have bought, insists that I'd for sure hear the difference if I listen on headphones. Which I am doing right now. Sounds lovely. The songs are all so great, and form the musical sound track of my whole life all the way back to elementary school! As I said yesterday, and it bears repeating, that all the Beatles albums are deeply ingrained in who I am. All my early life experiences connected with every other period of my life. I started listening to the Beatles early in life and never stopped. But I only hear the Beatles, I only hear Abbey Road on the new mixes. It doesn't sound any different from other mixes. I wish it did, because I'd love to have more Beatles revelations at my age, which also has significance in Beatles terms. Heh. But it sounds the same as it always did, full of wonder, like Abbey Road, like the music of my life. #
Watch out for the NYT and Washington Post for the reprise to the But Her Emails crapola. They are the same people who complain that the rise of fascism puts reporters lives in danger. Democracy dies in darkness, and it also dies in their hypocrisy.#
I watched the Mets game last night, it was on Fox Sports, so the usual Mets telecasters were sidelined in favor of some total idiots whose names I don't want to know. They didn't bother with the play by play unless Pete Alonso was up. At other times they interviewed Mets and Braves players from the dugout. They talked about how nice everyone is, at length. How Alonso must feel now, after hitting the home run, in great detail without any input from Pete, who was on the field at first base, crying. I wondered who likes this style of baseball. I saw him hit the 53rd home run, I was happy for him. But the actual news is that the Mets season is over. And the bad news is that these idiots will be doing the broadcasts for much of the postseason baseball which starts next week. I know this isn't what's wrong with America, but it's a symptom of what's wrong. You're there to call the game, so STFU and do your job.#

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