It's even worse than it appears.
Monday September 30, 2019; 9:31 AM EDT
  • I watched the last Mets game of the 2019 season yesterday. I guess alot of people did, we wanted to see the rarest of things -- a Mets home run hitter. No Met had ever had the most home runs in MLB in a season, but Pete Alonso, a rookie pulled it off. He also set the record for most home runs in a season by a rookie. And he has a flair for public relations and is a natural born leader.#
  • The game went into extra innings, and it looked for sure that the Mets would lose it after unbelievably bad relief pitching, which for the 2019 Mets is saying a lot. But in the bottom of the 11th, a miracle. With runners on first and second, Dom Smith, who had been injured and hadn't come to the plate since July, hit a three-run home run for a dramatic and hugely spirited walk-off win. It's fitting that the Mets didn't make the playoffs this year, and also fitting that this lovely young team went out with such a flourish after it appeared the season would end in utter disappointment. #
  • I've loved the Mets since 1962. It's a family tradition among the Winers and Kieslers. There's a new crew, rookies, a Cy Young winner and the certain Rookie of the Year. And an awkward but fun and loving group of misfits who somehow reach into your heart and give you a glimpse of their coming greatness. This is the cycle of the Mets. Can't wait for opening day in 2020. #

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