It's even worse than it appears.
There's no excuse for congresspeople to use Medium. Here's a press release from Speaker Pelosi. Look at the URL. It looks way better than anything on Medium, and it has the advantage that it will remain on the web even if Medium shuts down. #
For people who get the nightly email, if you have a comment, just reply to the email. For now what you say is just between us. I'm thinking about ways to re-open the blog to interaction, but have it be as convenient as possible for the reader/contributors. I have powerful content management tools and I want to use them. #
  • Joe you need to simplify your response. #
  • "Trump you're a kook, a crook and a traitor to our country."#
  • Try that out, it's easier for everyone to understand and it has the proper level of feeling to it. It's also achingly obvious.#
  • You're in Mike Dukakis territory man.#
  • I hate ageism.#
    • I was asked today if I still work or am I retired. #
    • It was a moment.#
    • I saw Joe Biden make a speech.#
    • Joe is not corrupt#
    • But Joe is too old to run.#
    • I'm sorry.#
  • Hillary on Maddow last night.#
    • A half-hour.#
    • She said nothing.#
    • This is why she was a bad candidate.#
    • It's not authenticity.#
    • It's a failure to connect.#
    • Basic story-telling.#
    • Warren has it.#
    • Michael Moore has oodles of it. #
    • Hillary? Nada.#

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