It's even worse than it appears.
How to win with a troll, 2016: "Imagine if he never got any self-generated press ever again? That would be the end of Trump. You can report on polls. You can report on FBI investigations of him. Or his trial with Trump U. Or that HRC calls for him not to get security briefings, all that's fair. But you can't report any Trump-generated news. If it came from him, it's trolling. If it's news about him that he didn't control, it's fair game." That's why the whistleblowers, witnesses and congressional committees are helping us win the battle with Trump. For the first time in a long time, Trump has lost control. We're in new territory. #
Ginger Baker, drummer for Cream, one of rock's seminal bands, died at 80. Here's one of their hits, Sunshine of Your Love. #
As one of the founders of podcasting, I couldn't agree more. Podcasting is all about the voice of the individual. #
Colin Powell hits Repubs up the head with a 2-by-4.#
What would you do if the power went out in the city you live in, and you were pretty sure it wasn't coming back any time soon?#
This is the graph we were looking at on this day in 2016. It says that HRC had a 75% chance of winning. The black line at the right is Election Day. Most people didn't understand enough about probability to understand what that meant, so presumably weren't motivated to vote. This is a lesson you don't hear reported on much in the press. The election wasn't decided by anti-abortion gun-rights advocates. It was decided by the people who didn't vote. #
  • We've built a technological house of cards. Ever taller, no foundation.#
  • We're animals. We think we do things for reasons we understand, but we're 99% instinct-driven.#
  • We use our technology platform as if we are primates living in trees.#
  • I wrote this in a 2014 email to one of my former programming partners, Jake Savin, about how I develop today. I use the same tools five years later. It was a good design. #
  • I program in the OPML Editor. I have a suite that makes it one button to deploy all the changed objects in my outline to public spaces on S3, ready to run. It's amazingly fast.#
  • I have debugging on the client but not the server. But I am radical about pushing functionality to the edge, and using the server just to make up for deficiencies in other APIs that prevent them from being called from the client. So it hasn't been that much of a problem.#
  • This environment is so primitive compared to Frontier, but everyone can use it, so that's why I work here. People think I've been incredibly productive, the truth is I've done all this stuff before, so it goes quickly the third or fourth time.#

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