It's even worse than it appears.
When the Repubs say that impeachment is just a way to undo the 2016 election, they overlook the 2018 election, which was most definitely an attempt, by the voters, to undo the mistake of 2016. The only reason the House can contemplate impeaching Trump is that there is a Democratic majority. That happened in 2018. #
Maybe old Lindsey Graham was playing a funny game, becoming Trump's little buddy, visibly, so when the time came to kick Trump under the bus he could play the Barry Goldwater role. #
I just re-read George Orwell's Animal Farm. I had read it when I was in grade school. It's worth reading again in the age of Trump, because he's using the propoganda techniques of Animal Farm.#
Tutorial for the latest protest hairstyle in Hong Kong. #
I hadn't thought about the implications of the Brooklyn Nets being owned by a co-founder of Alibaba who has to get along with the Chinese government more than most NBA owners. I wonder how KD and Kyrie will feel about that. #
If you love Succession and are all caught up, I highly recommend going back and watching season 1 again. So much of what happens and what's said went over my head the first time. And there are forward references you couldn't have caught the first time through. Watch it with captioning on, that helps too. Also it's a comedy with the skeleton of a tragedy. I found myself laughing out loud at times as if it were Monty Python. 😆 #
  • I wonder if anyone has Wikipedia as their default search page. It just occurred to me, with Google searches getting more cluttered with garbage all the time, if Wikipedia might not be a better choice. #
  • For example, here's a Google search for Brooklyn Nets, and here's the Wikipedia page. Which gets you a better set of links to topics related to the team? I guess the problem is there are no news, video or images options on Wikipedia.#
  • I probably should just start using DuckDuckGo. It's very similar to Google, but not as insane, and they claim to not share your search habits with any other companies. #
  • You know what would really get me to switch? Customization. If I could tell it where my blog is, so it will default to showing me what I had written about a topic at the top of the search, or offer a tab that allowed me to quickly review my own writing. I could see that changing the nature of everything I do on the web, it would also be an incentive to people to leave the silos. #
  • I'd also like a pref that lets me ask it to always show me the Wikipedia page first. Other people might prefer a Twitter account first, or news about the topic. Google makes all these choices for you. But I'm a sentient user, I was using computers for decades before Google even existed. I know how to program, and yet, I can't use that skill on the most extensive information source ever produced by humans -- the web. #

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