It's even worse than it appears.
Saturday October 12, 2019; 10:02 AM EDT
  • For an application I'm developing I need to run it in the background, yet easily stop and relaunch it. So this is what I do. #
    • At the command line type nohup node app.js & and press Return. #
    • You can see the output of the app by pressing Ctl-C then tail -f nohup.out. It creates this file in the directory the app was run from. #
    • To kill the node process and any other node processes it might have launched, enter killall -i node. The -i flag means that it will confirm before killing each process. #
  • I put these notes in my blog so I can find them again, easily, and don't have to figure it out ever time. Also so people who know more than I do about this topic can tell me better ways to do this. :orange:#
  • As an experiment, I'm mirroring this post over on GitHub.#

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