It's even worse than it appears.
Friday October 18, 2019; 9:54 AM EDT
  • I always wonder why people disclaim that they don't like me before they point to something I've written as being relevant or important. So I won't tell you what I think of David Brooks. 💥 #
  • His column in today's NYT is worth reading. He asks if it's Trump v Warren, who he, a moderate Republican, will vote for. I'll save you the suspense, it's Warren. Good, Brooks has a soul and isn't an idiot. #
  • Four years of Warren, who imho likely will be as ineffective a president as Jimmy Carter, is way better than four years of the accelerated lunacy of Trump. The United States, seriously, would not survive that. I don't think we'll survive another 1.5 years, which is why impeachment and removal is an urgent matter. #
  • He says "If the party nominated one of those six, you really could see the Democrats gather progressives and moderates into an enduring majority coalition as the Republicans recede into old, white, rural obsolescence. You could see movement on a range of issues where large majorities are already stacked on one side: guns, climate change, reducing income inequality, expanding health coverage." #
  • I agree. A lot of change would be possible with a centrist Democrat in the presidency, they might even be possible with Warren. I like the progressive ideas, and I think our chance of progress is better if we elect a moderate in 2020. #
  • Like Nixon going to China, something worth considering, a moderate Democrat could be more effectively progressive than Warren. #

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