It's even worse than it appears.
Friday October 18, 2019; 10:53 AM EDT
  • I'm working on a project using simple-git in Node, and have what I think should be a simple application, not sure how to do it. #
    • I have a local called myAppFolder containing the source for an application. Various JavaScript files, a package.json, folders for user data and stats. #
    • A location on GitHub, a repo called test2 with a folder whose path is helloworld/ that is meant to have the most up to date version of the files from the location on GitHub. #
    • It's a one-way sync, from the server to the local folder. #
  • I have code that clones the repo, but that gets a copy of everything in the repo. #
  • I just need to keep up to date with one folder. #
  • Any help much appreciated.#
  • PS: I opened this as an issue on the simple-get repo. #

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