It's even worse than it appears.
Saturday October 19, 2019; 1:33 PM EDT
  • Most of the time Dropbox works, but today, sometime just after 11AM Eastern, it got flaky and basically stopped working. Usually it's something I did, so I started checking things out. #
    • I have two accounts, neither is close to out of space. One is using 178.85 GB of 2.1 TB. The other is using 11.68 GB of 2 TB.#
    • I thought perhaps my desktop computer wasn't synching. I tried creating a folder, and it took a very long time for it to show up in the file browser, but it did eventually show up. But it does not show up on the server it's intended for.#
    • My desktop computer says it's been synching for a couple of hours. That's when I started looking. Maybe it was going on a lot longer. I don't know. #
    • The way I first experienced the outage is that updates to the app I'm working on stopped appearing on the server. Before that I was making changes, and they'd take the usual amount of time, a few seconds, to appear on the server.#
    • I checked their status page, and it says everything is good. I looked at the Dropbox support account on Twitter, it says it's closed until Monday.#
  • I'm kind of stuck. No idea what the problem is. Is it my problem? How can I tell. It doesn't seem like it, because if it were, all my desktop computers and servers would have to be experiencing the same problem. It could happen. But it doesn't seem likely.#

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