It's even worse than it appears.
Very few people use the Chat tab, so I took it out of the list of active tabs. I'm going to keep looking for the best form of interaction for blog readers. Right now, it seems to be Twitter. The software is still running and can be accessed at #
I'm sorry I don't watch NFL games because Kaepernick. It's the least I can do.#
I'm trying to watch The Spy on Netflix, but I keep expecting Borat to show up. I'm watching for it. Anyway it's not that good. What is good that I found at random is the 1998 movie A Simple Plan. It got great reviews, but don't watch the trailer, it's a total spoiler. On Amazon.#
I bet it's going to turn out that Al Baghdadi was working with a famous Democrat to rig the 2016 election. "The server" will turn up in several places along with "the missing emails."#
All is right with the world. The Knicks are 0-3. Some norms will never be broken, it seems. BTW, they say the last time the Knicks had a winning team was 2012. Already a long time ago. Here's what happened in a single image.#
One of the many things wrong with our president is he never wins. He always feels he has to sell. Can you imagine, never a moment to relax, kick back, and savor your accomplishments? What a terrible way to live.#
Wow some feeds go back years. Feed readers have to allow for this possibility. Here's an example, the Daily podcast. It has items going back to Feb 2017. #
I find that I can't watch Mike Pence on TV anymore. In my mind I've written him off. It's no longer Mike Pence season. I feel the same way about Mike Pence as I feel about Game of Thrones.#

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