It's even worse than it appears.
Monday November 4, 2019; 11:42 AM EST
  • A couple of years later, I've yet to see a JsonFeed in the wild. And if such a thing existed, I suspect there would also be an RSS 2.0 version of the same content. In the group where developers discuss it, which I follow, most or all of the feature requests are things that have already been done in RSS or Atom.#
  • There was, provably, no reason to do this. At this point, is there a language or environment that doesn't have an open source library for reading feeds? It's just one call in my JavaScript code to take a bit of text that's supposed to be a feed and get back a JavaScript structure with the contents. Couldn't be simpler. Yet I don't think many of those libraries include support for this two-year-old format. So you have to do more work to read it. One of the goals of the new format was that it would be less work. #
  • And on the writing side, maybe writing JSON is a little easier than writing XML, but again, if 20 years after the advent of RSS, you don't have a toolkit in your environment to write feeds, you should probably do it yourself and share it with other devs. #
  • Finally if you were going to invent a new format why not just JSONify an existing feed structure. I did that for RSS in a few minutes. My blog is still available in JSON as well as XML. No need for debates or feature requests. It's RSS but in JSON. It Just Works™. Not that anyone uses it, for the reasons mentioned above. #
  • I've known both Manton and Brent, the authors of the format, for many years. Nice people. But this was a mistake. Atom, also, was a mistake. All the energy should have been focused on a standard that would be supported everywhere, as easily as possible. I did it myself. I had designed a format when RSS came along, from Netscape, and I dropped it in favor of RSS, because one way to do something is better than two no matter how much better the second way is. A hard-won lesson from many times around the loop. Hopefully this is something will not be repeated for RSS at least, in the future. #

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