It's even worse than it appears.
I think Sherrod Brown or Amy Klobuchar would be good Democratic candidates for president. I listened to today's Daily podcast about the chances of the Demo candidates based on polling the NYT just did. It's not a good picture. They say Biden would win, but the Repubs haven't run a campaign on him yet. They're going to let the Dems tear him to shreds first, which they will. People think this is about policy, it's not. People want to feel like winners. I wouldn't feel like a winner, of any kind, if my president was Warren, Sanders or Biden. Ugh. Anyway if a Democrat is elected what they'll do will depend totally on the makeup of Congress. The more Repubs are left the more compromise, unless of course Trump is re-elected, then you can forget about who's in Congress, it won't matter. Our Congress will be no more consequential than Russia's. I agree with Chait that the Dems have been living in a fantasy world. None of the leading candidates will beat Trump, none of them. #
You can tell they're in love. ❤️#
  • So much discussion in the news about impeachment, and they never talk about the #1 reason to impeach, asap. So here's a reminder.#
  • He's running the presidency as if he was a monarch. Ignoring the Constitution. And the longer he gets away with it the worse it gets. #
  • They should make a song about this. How the president is not a king. We could change the words to the Star Spangled Banner. #

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