It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday November 5, 2019; 4:24 PM EST
  • I always had a bad feeling about Elizabeth Warren, but as with the feeling I had about HRC, I buried the concern. I thought for a while she was the best possible candidate. Then I saw her mean side, out in the open, on full display. It didn't get her any bad headlines, but I bet every person to whom same-sex marriage is still an uncomfortable idea was turned off. What turned me off was how quickly and unfairly she turned it into a male-bashing thing. #
  • Here's the video on CNN.#
  • People can legitimately believe marriage is between a man and a woman, without depriving anyone of the ability to get married. That was the correct answer for a future president. Her job, as president, would be to safeguard everyone's First Amendment rights, not just people who agree with her and other Democrats.#
  • Democrats have to stop bashing men. We don't talk back, because we can't. But we do vote. I bet more than a few men vote for Trump because they don't like how Democrats talk about them.#
  • I just wonder why we can't find someone who checks all the boxes. Is smart, ethical, projects confidence and strength, compassion, empathy, humor, honor, inclusion, all the things the US deserves in a president.#

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