It's even worse than it appears.
I am starting to think of my blog posts as tweets. #
The conclusion from yesterday's political tweets is this. Electing a Democratic president in a squeaker is not a win. It leaves the Republican Party alive with a huge electorate that the Democrats could not convert. It they can't do it now, then we'll never get out of gridlock. We're spinning down. We almost defaulted on the national debt. We're not renewing our physical or human infrastructure. Our treasury is easily looted by the rich. The Repubs will win the next election, and the cycle repeats. Squeaking out a win is not winning. The US will continue to decline, as will the planet's health, if we continue on the track we're on. We need a revolution, a fundamental reconfiguration of our political sysem so we can tackle the actual problems we have, not made-up ones. The kind of revolution the founders allowed for in the Constitution. #
An idea worth considering. Ask Knight to fund a project to catalog and publish all the political ads running on Facebook. This is the implementation of the idea that Joe Trippi liked. That means a lot, he's the only political hacker I know. #

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