It's even worse than it appears.
The Nets signed Iman Shumpert, a good way to get Knicks fans interested. Last time the Knicks were good he was one of the stars. And Kristaps realizes no one in NY likes him. It's true. But where does a unicorn hide?#
I requested my Yahoo Groups backup a few weeks ago, and got the download today. Lots of zipped files in various formats. I'm going to try to hold onto my download as long as I can. #
How about a holiday where every computer in the world reboots. It would be interesting to see how many don't come back up.#
If the Repubs in the Senate vote to leave the criminal in the White House that's probably okay because that's the end of the Republican Party. Only way to come back from this is if they manage somehow to destroy the record. #
Protocol is a new tech pub from the publisher of Politico. Launching in early 2020. They announced it in a Vanity Fair piece (paywall, lots of noisy dialogs). I'm in tech, have been reading tech pubs for almost 40 years. It's been a long time since one was worth reading, sad to say. But wouldn't it be cool if this one was different? They have a great web address. Why not start out with a blog about the creation of the pub, and when they're up and running it could transition to their "public editor" function. Take criticism from readers, new perspectives. I know it's weird but I expect tech pubs to make good use of the tech. I'd also like to know who's writing for them, the Vanity Fair piece doesn't have that info. #
BTW, a real tech pub would drop the www in the site address. #
Today's impeachment hearing will be on all the major networks in the US and on C-SPAN. Starts at 9AM Eastern.#
How is it that Kellyanne Conway married someone who is so clear, thoughtful, even eloquent about Trump and our country. #
The hearing today is going to set the tone for further reporting on impeachment. At least it affords the Democrats the chance to do that. Hopefully they rise to the occasion. #
Just tuned into MSNBC for their pre-discussion of the hearings. Oh the epic vacuousness of their diatribe. After an insipid idea is completely exhausted, they repeat it. Once I finished vomiting in the waste basket, I decided I had to tweet about it. Done.#
Fascinating open spreadsheet, via CJR, with journalism salary data by position, publication, location, gender, race. You can see who earns a good living and who should be looking for a new job. #

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