It's even worse than it appears.
The whole point of impeachment it seems to me is to spin the Repubs around until they pass out. Then we hypnotize them.#
Following up on yesterday's american.newbie piece. True story. I went to eat Chinese food with my Mom a few years ago. Highly rated restaurant. In the neighborhood I grew up, many years ago when it was a sleepy boring place with an embarassing name. Most of the people spoke Chinese. We had to wait quite a while for a table. When we were seated the waiter asked if we were tourists. I laughed and said no we're natives. The funny thing is that not that long ago we were the newbies. The food was fantastic, btw. So many flavors, very satisfying. Before the Chinese came, Flushing was famous for nothing in the way of anything, in the last three centuries at least. đź’Ą#
A neighbor who gets the nightly email says I should go easier on Elizabeth Warren. I love getting comments from people I see who read my stuff. It's an affirmation that I exist, in some fashion, and at least one person is listening. I like that. Alan Kay said that Macintosh was the first PC worth criticizing. Jean-Louis Gassée says the higher the monkey climbs a tree, the more people can see his derrière. I criticize Warren as a front-runner, the likely nominee, and because POTUS is an important job, esp the next one. It's not enough to win as Democrats, we have to win for the Constitution. Overlook our differences just for one election. There used to be liberals in the Republican Party, no reason the Democratic Party can't have expat Repubs. We're fighting for our soul as a country. Imho everything else is a detail to be worked out later. #
If you get the nightly email, if you want to respond to something I wrote, just respond to the email. I will be the only person to see it. #
I wish there was a .newbie domain. I like the idea of newbies. It means you're getting out and trying out new things. #
  • I'm doing a bit of refinement now that I've had a chance to use tweetSucker for a few days. First impression, I tweet a lot, and most of it is uninteresting a day later. I realized what I want most are tweets that are't links, rt's or replies. Original stuff. An idea that could possibly turn into an interesting piece on the blog. So I adjusted the app so that it splits them up into the four categories. I've pasted below the four classes of tweets from yesterday. Here's the OPML file.
  • Original tweets#
    • In a way it’s great the Trump is so rampant and open about his corruption. Because if we ever get out of this mess we are going to create some super kick ass laws to prevent this shit from ever happening again.#
    • Are there any good impeachment podcasts?#
    • I am far from being a billionaire. But I've made good money selling software, real estate and I just inherited a bit of money from my parents. This is what I have to say. I was always amazed at how little I paid in taxes on each of the major events.#
    • The whole point of impeachment it seems to me is to spin the Repubs around and around until they pass out. Then we hypnotize them.#
    • I'm working my way through Mr Robot, starting with season 1 so I can watch the final season without being horribly confused. But all of a sudden there's the final season of Man in the High Castle. Oy. And the third season of The Crown is coming soon.#
    • I love the story from the Roger Stone trial how Trump directed the release of Democrats emails.#
  • Links#
    • Trump begins 'portions' of annual physical exam at Walter Reed.
    • I wish there was a .newbie extension. Unlike many other people, I like the idea of newbies. It means you're getting out and trying out new things. With that I bring you..
    • @Paul__Walsh
    • Apple Is Trying to Kill Web Technology.
    • @AdamParkhomenko @TedraCobb #streisandeffect.
    • A longish essay on how humans deal with change.
    • See how much bigger the problem is than Trump.
    • White supremacy rules the Republican party. (Yes, it's pretty much out in the open.)
    • @beradleydavis
    • @beradleydavis
    • This Is How Trump's Gangster Government Works.
    • RT @davewiner: Kyrie Irving has helped Boston enormously, by leaving.
    • There was a time when many wondered, myself included, whether Speaker Pelosi was up to exposing Trump.
    • RT @CNN: This 9-year-old boy is about to graduate from college
    • Kyrie Irving has helped Boston enormously, by leaving.
    • UCLA receives $20 million to establish UCLA Bedari Kindness Institute.
  • Replies#
    • @kenolin1 @eilenez I bet he went to Harvard.#
    • @Paul__Walsh @migueldeicaza Just curious will some version of MacOS only run software downloaded from the app store?#
    • @Paul__Walsh Gotcha. Egos were always a problem with Apple. Remember who the founder was. (Woz on the other hand has an ego for sure but he's a sweetheart.)#
    • @koush @migueldeicaza Which is something millennials can legitimately hate boomers for. We didn't have to deal with app stores, or malware for that matter. The tech world was innocent when we were young. It was perfect. otoh machines had little memory and basically sucked. cc @danb @mkapor#
    • @Paul__Walsh Actually no -- the problem was a guy named Sidhu who was in charge of networking at Apple. He had a small number of devs he liked, and they got to make network software. So there were three email apps and mazewars, and that's about it for network software.#
    • @koush @migueldeicaza I don't care about app stores. Not for me. If they had been standard when I started, I would have probably never made anything of myself in software.#
    • @Paul__Walsh All the way back to 1987 when they shipped the Mac Plus with networking built in. Every Mac had it. Super easy to set up. Impossible APIs (probably by design). That was the door they left open for the web.#
    • @migueldeicaza I don't care about being in the app store. And the usual thing applies to links I post, I just thought it was worth looking at. No endorsement implied.#
    • @migueldeicaza I'm not dropping anything. I made my investment in electron and have been reaping the benefits. I'm so tired of junior techies deciding to rip up the pavement and make us all go on diaspora. Too old for that bullshit. I'm never updating my Mac. ;-)#
    • @gaberivera Something like what's going on re Ukraine right now. Total saturation in the news.#
    • @migueldeicaza I don't understand. And you and I don't see eye to eye on much in tech. Electron is great. I use it all the time. Saves my ass. Like everything it matters how you write your code.#
    • @dsearls @bjm262run And Doc, Google is doing it too, from a whole other angle. They want to turn the web into their own silo. We've been here before. What comes next is something like the web. ;-)#
    • @Paul__Walsh Apple hated the web right from the start. I was very close to Apple at the time, had friends there, and it hit me one day as an AHA. The web totally fucked their vision of computing -- wizzy. They could have had it all if they had made appletalk easier for devs to code for.#
    • @dsearls @Apple That app broke the web for me on my iPhone and iPad. I'm sure that was their intention? Whatever.#
    • @KenSmith My guess: Not enough.#
    • @ewarren Re #3 -- Until Citizens United there were limits on how much political speech billionaires could buy. Now our elections have become jokes. It was a huge mistake. Since it was a Supreme Court decision the only ways to fix it are to change the court or change the Constitution.#
    • @ewarren Re #1 -- making individual people targets is going to get someone killed. knowing that the billionaires are going to become even more distant from reality. And they have a lot of power, and the more disconnected they are, the worse for everyone.#
    • I would like to propose a treaty between @ewarren and the billionaires of America. 1. Warren stops making it personal for moral and pragmatic reasons. 2. Billionaires agree that there will be tax increases. 3. Billionaires agree to aggressively fight against Citizens United.#
    • @macloo I thought Season 3 was great. The best. I laughed so much. I know I'm weird. ;-)#
    • @beradleydavis I've written a lot about that.#
    • @guan I never got into that.#
    • @KenSmith I'm pretty sure most people dont see it that way now.#
  • RTs#
    • RT @glennkirschner2: I can’t believe we’re here again. Trump’s pardons put our soldiers in harm’s way. Other countries will assume our sold…#
    • RT @politico: BREAKING: A top White House national security aide told impeachment investigators that EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland claimed…#
    • RT @AP: BREAKING: Louisiana’s John Bel Edwards stuns GOP, wins reelection to a second term as the Deep South’s only Democratic governor.#
    • RT @TwitterSafety: What’s synthetic and manipulated media? It’s media that’s been significantly altered or created in a way that changes th…#
    • RT @davewiner: @koush @migueldeicaza Which is something millennials can legitimately hate boomers for. We didn't have to deal with app stor…#
    • RT @SRuhle: WOMEN face sexism & discrimination every day & we keep pressing forward. What @EliseStefanik did in knowingly violating a rule…#
    • RT @joanwalsh: Where is Pompeo, anyway? What a coward.#
    • RT @briefbk: @Chanders @nytimes @washingtonpost Chris, this is @davewiner using a different account. From time to time friends of mine quot…#
    • RT @davewiner: This is about so much more than impeachment.#
    • RT @VickyPJWard: EXCLUSIVE: At last year's WH Hanukkah party, Lev Parnas & Igor Fruman had a private meeting w Trump & Giuliani during whic…#
    • RT @FaceTheNation: “He made a mistake,” @SpeakerPelosi says on Trump's tweet about Yovanovitch during her testimony. “I think part of it is…#

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