It's even worse than it appears.
Today's headline: "We followed the president's orders."#
I wish my iPhone had an FM receiver. Wait, it does.#
They still make portable AM/FM radios. Same features as the transistor radio I had when I was a kid. Spooky. No Bluetooth. Can't charge via USB. #
American journalism is never far from falling back to the horse race in everything. Who the hell knows or cares how many senators will ultimately vote to remove. It's impossible to know, or even if the vote will ever happen. Waste of time to speculate. And it isn't even up to the senators, it's up to the voters. The senators will vote to remove if it means they feel they will lose their election. #
There's going to be fireworks when Nunes questions Fiona Hill.#
Fiona Hill could have been written by Aaron Sorkin. #
Trump no longer controls what people talk about, not even his base. The hearings are on Fox gavel to gavel.#
"The Three Amigos" is now part of American political folklore after Sondland said he was proud to be an amigo. You can say you were there when this happened. Also this scandal doesn't have a short name, like Watergate, Iran-Contra. I guess the Clinton impeachment didn't get a name either. #
When Nunes speaks, remember this trick to cope.#
Sorry for the sparse updates here. I'm overloaded, watching the impeachment hearings and at the same time dealing with a server that Dropbox fails on. Moving these apps to a new server is tricky. On Digital Ocean. #

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