It's even worse than it appears.
Are you still trying to get ahead while our civilization ends?#
Watching Adam Schiff on CNN yesterday, he tried to explain that this is not Democrats vs Republicans, that we all lose if we lose our democracy, and Jake Tapper was having none of it. Excuse me Mr. Schiff can you tell me about the horse race please?#
Journalism, get a grip, some things are not a horse race. If Trump wins, kiss our species goodbye. That includes you. #
Another example of horse race journalism. They say "black turnout" could make or break Democrats. I would change the headline to "Black turnout could make or break the human species." #
A contract for the web backed by Google and Facebook. What's next. Exxon fighting climate change? Please. This is a joke. They're strangling what's left of the web. The best way to help the web is to cancel Google and Facebook. #
Now would be a good time to re-watch Goodfellas for an idea of how the US government works.#
Nice SQL cribsheet. #

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