It's even worse than it appears.
I saw a thing on CNN how Trump is using Facebook ads to refute bad news on TV. You wouldn't know if you (like me) are not in his base. They showed a graph with the money spent by various Democrats on FB ads. In total it's small fraction of what Trump is spending. Now I think about Bloomberg's entry into the race in a whole new way. Not only is he rich, and can afford to spend a lot on ads, he also understands tech and media. That's how he made his billions. So when people count him out based on today's polling, they're getting caught in horse-race thinking and forgetting to look at the horse itself. He won't be afraid to use Facebook. He'll have some catching up to do, but he has a mind for tech media and lots of unique experience. Trump should be concerned. #
Twitter clarifies its inactive account policy. My concern was linkrot. Twitter accounts are websites, we point to them and include them, as I point to the new Twitter policy above. Jack was around when the web was very young. The idea is that we're creating a record. It's not ephemeral. It should survive us. It shouldn't matter if a site is active. Now we know that users care about preserving the web. Twitter is part of that. #
The new Martin Scorsese movie is out on Netflix. I'm watching it now. What can I say it's a Scorsese movie. Lovin it. #

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