It's even worse than it appears.
Thursday November 28, 2019; 7:51 AM EST
  • This is decidedly not a Thanksgiving post. Maybe I should hold it for tomorrow, but that's not how I roll. #
  • I watched a game between the LA Clippers and the Dallas Mavericks yesterday. They're both really good teams doing well this year. Watching the Clippers specifically it's sad for me, a Knicks fan, to see that LA has two highly competitive NBA teams and New York has part of one. We did attract two stars to NYC in the off-season, but one of them is injured and won't play all year, and the other is an asshole whose attitude spoils any hope we might have for interesting basketball in NYC this year and into the future. #
  • The asshole of course is Kyrie Irving. If he were a true leader, he'd come to NYC and say hey I'm from here too, and I think it sucks that the city has such shitty basketball. I'm going to do my part to help liven things up, and hopefully the Nets will have a good year (set expectations, show a bit of humility, it works) and maybe we can inspire something interesting to happen on the other side of the river (i.e. at the Knicks).#
  • It's so sucky that the biggest market in the US doesn't have a decent team and Dallas, a very random place for basketball, has a good team. Houston also has a great team, and San Antonio, even though they're rebuilding, is ok. #
  • I don't know how much longer the NBA will put up with a Knicks owner who has no clue about sports, about the city, for that matter, about people. The Knicks need an intervention. Knicks fans are patient, but the city deserves better from the NBA. #
  • PS: This year's Knicks are actually, for the Knicks, pretty good. They're still however in last place in the East, and only 1/2 game better than the worst in the West, the Warriors, and that's another story I want to tell someday.#

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