It's even worse than it appears.
I'd prefer OK Hippie to OK you know what.#
We should be holding world wide candlelight vigils as long as the US is still running on the Constitution.#
This is the right question. None of us should just shrug it off and say the impeachment vote will be partisan as usual. They shouldn't get off that easy. They must know that we know that they're voting for the end of the Constitution. We should all write this as fact. Make the record clear.#
Are you kidding? Amazon appropriated the small company's trademark -- Elastic? Please, NYT call at least one developer before you run a story like this, or do a search. This is super embarrassing -- for you. Here's the problem with the premise. Amazon has been calling their services Elastic this and that since inception. The first was EC2. Elastic Compute Cloud. It was started in 2006, six years before the startup was founded. It seems to me, unless I'm missing something, that the startup copied Amazon.#
My favorite SNL star is Kristen Wiig. Funny thing, I wasn't even watching SNL when she was one of the cast members. So many great roles. She's a natural. My favorite right now is her Thanksgiving song.#
Journalism is reporting on the possible end of America as if it were yet another horserace.#

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