It's even worse than it appears.
Monday December 16, 2019; 11:51 AM EST
  • A number of years ago I set up a new app called to run my blog. Interesting project, another look at the functionality of Manila, shipped in 1999, this time in the world of JavaScript and Node, with Facebook's UI as prior art. Last time I worked in this area Facebook didn't exist. Say what you want about them, their UI is innovative. Good ideas there. "Only steal from the best," I say. #
  • I feel was and still is a significant improvement over what was there before, WordPress, Facebook, Tumblr, Ghost etc. Still works, but in 2017, I moved to another model, most like the one I used before Manila, based on an outliner, and have used it ever since. But of course I left the site where it was. #
  • This isn't goodbye, still runs, people still use it. Like a lot of things in a Twitter/Facebook dominated world, writing tools tend to languish on the sidelines. I still hope to change that, I have some ideas. #

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