It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday December 17, 2019; 10:10 AM EST
  • I had a longish rationale for why Twitter should open itself up to writers and developers of writing tools, but when the proposal was done, it came down to adding two elements to the card metadata. So I thought, why bother with all the reasons, let's start with the answer. #
  • The two elements are twitter:body and twitter:enclosure. #
  • <meta name="twitter:body" content="Limited [HTML]( can appear in the body of a card using the conventions of Markdown. You can **bolden** text, *italicize* it, break it into paragraphs, add anchor elements. It can be as long as you like.">#
  • <meta name="twitter:enclosure" content="">#
  • That's it. And a couple of conventions for displaying the result, no more complex than viewing images or videos. #
  • PS: Of course I posted this as a thread on Twitter, perfectly illustrating why Twitter needs this feature and has for a long time. #

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