It's even worse than it appears.
I loved #impotus so much I bought the domain.#
I don't care what Time magazine says, Speaker Pelosi is POTY. #
I was driving around this afternoon, and there were school buses everywhere. Why are the school buses out on a weekend I wondered. Drove past the school, huge numbers of buses and cars and people. Then it hit me. It's Friday! Oy.#
My priorities for the next government include. 1. Incorporate the Voting Rights Act into the Consitution, including references to specific former-slave states that need to be monitored in perpetuity, it never expires. They've proven that no amount of time is enough, as soon as the Court declared the VRA unnecessary, they reverted to their pre-VRA approach. 2. Prohibit gerrymandering in the Constitution. 3. Prohibit corporate contributions to campaigns and make PACs illegal. Individual citizens can contribute, with limits. Get big money out of our elections. Our elections have to mean something. #
We didn't finish Reconstruction after the Civil War. I think that's the bug that needs to be fixed. Maybe we need to add a dozen more free states, so we can fix the Senate and Electoral College so long-dead slave owners don't run the country. It's really ridiculous. It's kind of loopy that the first impeachment, of Andrew Johnson, was because he undid Reconstruction, allowing the former slave-owning states to bring back "slavery lite" -- aka Jim Crow. #
So much of what's fucked up about the United States can be traced back to slavery.#
  • No NJFF this year unless there's an epic BitTorrent dump of the new releases (it has happened in past years). I live too far out of the city to get to openings. So that means one thing -- binges! Here's what I have queued up.#
    • Watchmen. Everyone says it's great, so I have to watch it. #
    • The Morning Show. I watched the first two episodes when it first came out and waited until the full series was out, and as of tonight, it is. It got terrible reviews, but I loved it. #
    • True Detective. I skipped the second season, but the third is good, they say. #
    • Mr Robot finale. On Sunday. The final episode of the final season. The last episode was the big reveal, as far as we know right now, Elliot and Darlene weren't really the stars of the show, White Rose was. But there's still another hour to go, and the writing and everything has been so superb, they got me. #
    • Handmaid's Tale. I tried watching the new season earlier, but I didn't remember enough from the previous season to make sense of it. I have it on my list to try again.#
    • The Expanse? I know so many people who love it, but I watched the first season and it never got me. But it looks like it might be a Battlestar Galactica type show, which I loved. #
    • Impeachment. Oh I hope there are leaks. McConnell deserves it. If the witnesses won't testify maybe they can share some of what they know anyway. Wouldn't it serve him right if he tried to control the flow of info, and it just flowed around him. I'd love to see his face then!#
  • That's it for now. I'll keep you posted. #

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