It's even worse than it appears.
Saturday December 21, 2019; 12:00 PM EST
  • A new empassioned piece about RSS and Google Reader goes over the top, accusing Google of murdering RSS, when RSS is out and about, earning a good living providing news to millions of people. It certainly isn't what Mr McKinley says it is. But I do appreciate the sentiment. He's right that people are crazy when they miss Google Reader, it's like missing the pet fox your friend let sleep in your hen house. Google was very bad news for RSS. #
  • Then I started thinking of other things Google Reader is like.#
    • An oil spill by Exxon in virgin Alaskan wilderness. #
    • A nuclear meltdown in the city you live in a suburb of.#
    • A neighbor who runs a crack factory down the block from an elementary school.#
  • I may add items to the list. #
  • It's fun to hate Google Reader, but it's over my friend, and we are free to do whatever we like. Enjoy the holidays knowing that Google Reader is dead, RSS is fine. #

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