It's even worse than it appears.
It's been cold but today there's been a bit of a thaw and a nearby creek is flowing nicely under an almost solid cover of ice.#
Watchmen is great. It's like Lost meets Westworld meets The Leftovers. Almost done with season one. 💥#
I've noticed recently that expanding an embedded tweet is painfully slow the first time you do it on an item on the blog. I did a bit of debugging and found the bottleneck, and fixed it. So now clicking on a wedge to view a tweet should be instantaneous. 💥#
An example of a post with an embedded tweet.#
I asked my friend Allen Holub what "Agile" means. He had a blog post from 2017 ready to go. Wow. #
An odd thought. The Republicans are trying to eliminate rule of law. At the same time they're rushing to appoint judges. If they're successful, judges are just people, their opinions don't matter. Why do they care so much about judges then. Also, suppose the Supreme Court says his tax returns must be released. What does he do? #
The thing in tech that sucks the most. A product everyone uses won't add a feature that would open it up to new ideas by independent devs. So you have to reimplement the whole thing, and convert their user base, to try out a new idea. Which means the new idea never gets tried out. First experience was MS-DOS and its lack of a clipboard in 1985. The OS had to be scrapped, effectively, because it never adapted to the more-than-one-app-at-a-time model, even though developers were achieving great success with that model.#
I tried watching Sunday morning TV news, in a time when there's lots happening, lots of pieces in motion, and even though the stakes are high, it's really interesting in the way the NBA playoffs can be interesting. In the last week, we finished the first round, and now there are new matchups, and public opinion matters in a whole new way. And guess what, on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC -- they keep saying the same tired and wrong things they were saying last week and the week before. It's just a horse race to them. Nothing matters but the election in November 2020. #
John Dickerson asks a non-horse race question about the trial in the Senate. "If a Senator has said how they will vote publicly on impeachment before the trial, and said evidence doesn’t matter, can the other side ask Chief Justice to strike them from the jury?"#

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