It's even worse than it appears.
Friday December 27, 2019; 2:10 PM EST
  • The saga continues. Now they're delivering packages to the local post office. The packages are clearly addressed to my home, not to a post office. This is kind of okay at least they're indoors and the postmaster there is okay with it, but they are dropping the packages off on the front desk after the post office is closed. Leaving them in the open is like leaving your wallet on the counter in the post office. People are honest, but that's too much of a temptation imho. At some point someone is going to take the packages before I can get to the PO.#
  • I've told the UPS people in Kingston this is not acceptable but they say it's the driver's call.#
  • As a comparison, I had a package delivered by Fedex a few weeks ago, when the road to the house was fairly covered in snow, and they just drove the truck to the house and made the delivery.#
  • It is actually what they're supposed to do, in other words and it's not unreasonable. The road is not on a hill, it's flat, and easy to drive on. I understand if there's a foot of snow, but so far that has never been the issue with UPS.#

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