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Sunday December 29, 2019; 10:03 AM EST
  • I've started to do the transformation of the XML-RPC site. #
    • Starting today, the main site is It documents all the new stuff, and will be developed and maintained, according to any interest by the community and/or myself. #
    • The spec has been ported to the new site. It is not a revision, none of the content has changed. It's just in a different format on a different site. #
    • The original site has been preserved at It was started in 1998 and the main work was done by 2001. #
    • redirects to, #
    • The site is backed up by a GitHub repository, which is used for issues and support, and to download the JavaScript implementation which I have been working on over the last year or so. #
  • Here's the big new stuff in this release.#
    • The reference implementation is in JavaScript now, not Frontier. There's a client/server package for Node, and a client implementation for browser-based JavaScript.#
    • There is an alternate JSON syntax for XML-RPC. I wanted to see for myself how the protocol would look in JSON. It looks good, of course the payload isn't something we look at very often. #
    • A new XML-RPC debugger, so you can test your implementation from a browser-based app. The debugger works with either XML or JSON syntax. #
    • The validator has been ported to the web also.#
  • There are broken links. Any links to pages on the old site that haven't been ported to the new site, and that's most of them, will be broken. They pages are still on the 1998 site, and I have the Manila source code for the pages. I will try to link to the original pages so they show up in searches at their new addresses. And time-willing, I will render the content in the new form so the links aren't broken at all.#
  • BTW, I am one of the four original developers of the protocol.#
  • I welcome new implementations in languages and environments that didn't exist 20 years ago, and using new best practices. #
  • Questions or comments here. #

© 1994-2019 Dave Winer.

Last update: Sunday December 29, 2019; 10:53 AM EST.

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