It's even worse than it appears.
Roberts says we take democracy for granted. I think with his Citizens United and Voting Rights Act decisions, he does.#
I keep thinking today is Sunday.#
Facebook may be today's equivalent of Ma Bell.#
Journalism has some people believing that there's nothing good about online. That they should stay away from Facebook. It's not safe. But it's where people go now. Billions. I'm not happy about that, but it is what it is. Saying online is dangerous is like saying the subway is dangerous. But if you live in New York, you probably want to take the subway. Driving is dangerous. Everything is. Life itself isn't safe. It's a mix. You have to learn to discern. But most people are good, and most people are on Facebook. And it pisses me off that a few of my neighbors won't use Facebook, and when I ask why, they repeat the talking points of the journalists, almost verbatim. We perceive the world of today as being more dangerous than the world we grew up in. In fact, today's world is much safer. Perceptions that come from listening to journalism too much. It seems, knowing this, it would be responsible to temper their promotion of fear. It creates an obstacle we have to overcome. But they keep at it. Stay away little person. Online is dangerous. Better to stay safe. #
If the NYT covered NYC as they cover FB they would never run a piece like this about the Knicks. What they fail to convey in their reporting, probably because they don't feel it, is that FB is much larger than NYC. And as diverse and interesting.#
Speaking of Facebook, yesterday I posted something intended to be wistful and introspective that some people took as a cry for help. Funny how that works. I said this: "Honestly I never thought I’d make it to 2020." Now it's 100 percent my fault there was confusion. Going back to the 1960s, when we had duck and cover drills in school, we all thought for sure we'd die in a nuclear holocaust long before 2020. If you had asked me then what were the chances I'd be alive in 2020, I probably would have said "No one will be alive in 2020." But here we are. 💥#
Melo scores, at the Garden, yesterday… The announcer doesn’t sing carrrrr mell ohhhhhh annn thonnnnnnn eeeee. They could have done it, just once, for the goosebumps. #
Soon we'll be able to write the epitaph of Melo as a basketball player. If I were to write it today it'd go like this. Melo is not LeBron and he's not JR Smith. LeBron is a general, a warrior. JR Smith is a joker, prankster, doper, partier. All three can shoot like nobody's business. Melo is a Black Lab. He's a pet. He should have been teamed up with LeBron or someone like him. He'd make a great #2. But he was miscast as the hero of the Knicks, so the Melo Knicks were losers. But because he's so sweet and he has a great shot, New York loves Melo. #
  • This cartoon comes closest to describing the dismay of people who did not vote for Trump about people who did. No matter what you may believe, how could crashing the country possibly be better than trying to work together? I'm not talking about parties working together, or news networks, I'm talking about people, American-to-American.#

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