It's even worse than it appears.
Remarkable. Mike Lee, R-UT, says the Constitution requires he have a spine. Seems a little late to come to that conclusion. #
A diverse thread on Twitter about judging Facebook. For me, a re-hash of the piece I wrote on January 3, about the scale of Facebook, and how the the story you hear most in journalism ignores the billion or so people who use Facebook and focuses on how they feel about the company. I've yet to see an act of journalism that didn't flaunt their conflict of interest. In the thread, Facebook has been compared to a supermarket, NBC and Times Square. It is none of those things, it's much much bigger. It's a community of a billion or more users, and is as diverse as those people are. Most people in my experience have good intentions, and that's true on Facebook. Even the ones who aren't nice, are probably just struggling with something. I'd like to see a few journalists adopt the point of view that Facebook is not a simple place, can't be reduced to good or evil, isn't a product of one or two peoples' personalities, that it's made up of an incomprehensibly huge group of people, from everywhere. #
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I got curious about the current controversy over .org domains. So I asked on Twitter: What's the concern over .org being privatized? How would that affect the .org domains you and I have registered? I haven't really been following this, should I?#
Dan Callahan writes: "In addition to uncertainty around registration prices, there seems to be a whole lot of shady self-dealing, and no clear motive for the sale other than personally enriching ISOC and a private equity firm run by former ICANN executives."#

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