It's even worse than it appears.
Friday January 17, 2020; 9:58 AM EST
  • Speaking as an authority on the subject of bagels, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a toasted bagel. In fact unless I'm eating a freshly baked bagel, and that's pretty rare these days, I toast them. The warmth of toasting brings out some of the flavor of the bagel when it was fresh. #
  • However I cannot sanction whole wheat bagels. Why? Bagels are not hippie food. Sesame, onion, everything, these are my go-to flavors. The only thing worse than whole wheat is a cinnamon raisin breakfast bagel. Please. #
  • My favorite bagel place is on Utopia Parkway in Whitestone, near where I grew up in Flushing. Neighborhood bagel stores are best. I've tried all the famous supposedly best bagels in NYC and imho they aren't bagels, they have more in common with loaves of bread. A bagel shouldn't be so large. Worst offender -- Ess-A-Bagel. #
  • Give me a fresh bagel with cream cheese and lox and maybe a slice of cucumber and bit of onion, capers on the side, with a cup of fresh coffee and Uncle Davey is a happy camper. #

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