It's even worse than it appears.
I just learned about the Dunning-Kruger effect. #
My least favorite thing is people explaining why they unsub from your feed. I don't care. I have a motto. "Don't slam the door on the way out." That way you know you really are going in peace, vs the passive-aggressive control freakery you're actually practicing. Now suppose for the sake of argument, I try to make you happy and dump every political idea I have. Great. You're happy. You feel powerful. But then someone else wants me to stop writing about tech ideas that come to me, because it makes them feel inferior because last week I posted one they didn't understand. Keep going, eventually there's nothing left here. So, I've been doing this for over 25 years. By now I've heard from every control freak on the planet. Heh probably not, but it feels that way. #
Here's a great Bloomberg ad about Trump and the military. If the Dems had run ads like this in 2016, Trump would be a Fox News analyst today, like Sarah Palin. #
I got a couple of reports from people who use the Mail app on iPhones to read the nightly email. The contents of the mail only fills a portion of the window horizontally. I am able to reproduce the problem here. Apparently previously it filled the space. I've started a thread to gather info about this. I don't know how to debug this, but I will try. #
Yesterday, I included the video of Dale Bumpers' speech at the Clinton impeachment trial in 1999, but it wasn't displayed by some of the email clients. Here's a link to the video on C-SPAN. #
  • We, as a world, should build one great venue for summer olympics and one for winter. Why? Mostly symbolic. To say to the world, to ourselves, decisively, that we can work together, and compromise, for the benefit of humanity and the planet. #
  • Think about it this way, we don't build a new United Nations every four years.#
  • Further, no more spectacular displays of carbon consumption. Those made sense 127 years ago, at the dawn of electricity tech. Now it's rubbing salt in the wound. And it makes clear that we can and will sacrifice for our survival.#
  • Specifically, no more Christmas trees. And turn down the lights in Times Square. You can't air condition the outdoors. (In NYC amazingly, there are places that do.) #
  • Symbolism first, change the way people think, shock people out of their sense of normalcy, then rebuild our civilization around the new low-carbon-emission ethos. You can tell your children and grandchildren that you remember a day when we built a new temporary city every two years for a two week athletic competition, and never used it again.#

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