It's even worse than it appears.
The silver lining from all this michegas is that millions more Americans will have a realistic appreciation for how our government works. I know I'm learning at an incredible clip. And don't overlook that many more millions around the world will too.#
An example of for-the-record writing that shouldn't be on a private network with no commitment to host. What Susan Collins says at this point is something that must be available to historians. She's a government official, responsible to the citizens of Maine. #
  • Last night with so much news breaking in the impeachment, with the trial resuming the next day, I wanted to hook into the flow produced by MSNBC and CNN, and through them senators making decisions about the trial, probably in real time. Some of that might be visible. We spend so much time in stasis, with the story never changing, when things are finally in motion, that's the time to focus. I had no doubt the reporters were in their studios, working on various stories, but there was no way for them to connect with people like me, because Kobe Bryant died. The two things aren't very related. #
  • I am a basketball fan. I've spent countless hours watching him play, a couple of times in person. I could have understood playing greatest hits of Kobe, he was an incredible player, but that isn't what they were doing. They were in an endless loop of people (imho) faking expressions of grief. Their stories left out all that was really interesting about the guy. He wasn't a nice person. Nothing wrong wtih that in sports. Now he's a saint? Really? It's a ritual that for some weird reason freezes the news media into a loop of wholly irrelevant and dishonest pseudo-news. Over and over again and again. Nothing new is happening. None of the people being interviewed are really incapacitated with grief. #
  • I don't mind if there's programming for people who want to do this, but in 2020, the networking tech between my house and their studio is broad enough that we could do both. That's my point. It's time to fix TV with the features of the net. All this stuff is going over TCP these days. When I'm watching TV on my 65-inch screen, the video comes through the Spectrum app on my Roku desktop. There's lots of room for more apps. Let's go with this. Time to move. #

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