It's even worse than it appears.
LO2 v1.8.5 is released. Here are the update notes for this version. Cmd-return and Cmd-backspace to split one item in two, and join adjacent paragraphs. New icon toggles HTML code between visible and invisible. Post any bug reports in this thread.#
It'd be interesting if they broke down the vote in the Senate.#
I'm reviewing docs and little issues re the LO2 release. Looking for an example of a status center, I found Dave's Dev Status. Forgot I had set this up. You can create one with LO2. #
I am gradually switching off Dropbox, and wrote a piece of software called Public Folder to sync with Amazon S3. Despite its name it works for private stuff too. I use it for all my docs and a few other projects. Works great. #
When I read an article about online "bernie bros" -- I wonder if the author remembers not to trust the intent of people who tweet at them. We learned this in 2016. Trolls try to divide us, they enflame both sides. I would never trust a "bernie bro" to be an actual person. #
The monthly ritual. The OPML for January 2020 is uploaded. #
Wow people really like the Dress Rehearsals for Election Day idea. Proves that there's a right time for an idea. I've been beating this drum for a long time!#
Voters support candidates who say the things they say the way they say them.#
  • I was wondering how the courts will incorporate the Senate's decision into their interpretation of the Constitution. #
  • Will they judge the executive as if the president is a monarch now?#
  • They can't overrule the Senate, that seems clear from the Constitution.#
  • Another question. What will the Repubs in the Senate do if/when Trump pushes the boundaries. For example, suppose he has a journalist killed. Lots of witnesses. He admits it. Assuming the House impeaches him, what does the Senate do? #
  • A less radical hypothetical. What if he arrests Hillary Clinton for interfering with his re-election. Seems likely that will go to court. Say the Supreme Court rules this is illegal or unconstitutional. Will Trump respect that even though the Senate appears to have said it's OK.#
  • I imagine the scholars and judges are thinking about this now. This has been a precedent-setting trial. If they actually do acquit him when no one contests the truth, it appears the only part of the government that objects is the House. It seems the question will be raised in the courts as well. It'll appear on Roberts' desk before too long. Is the president really a king?#

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