It's even worse than it appears.
This is weird. If you do a Google search for What makes a weblog a weblog? it links to a page on that's a Miley Cyrus fan blog. It was last updated in 2008. Anyway, the original piece, intended to last for a long time, is still present, even though Google doesn't know about it. Written in 2003, by yours truly, it was an attempt to put a marker down. This is what we were doing way back when. To the future, you know how it turned out. We had no idea.#
New site: I saw a similar site for Ruby on Rails, and immediately wanted one for RSS. The first text on the page was rude because I think it's a rude question. The next answer was sarcastic. And now there is a polite answer. It's given me a lot of ideas. I think I might put a reverse chronologic list of news sites that have updated recently. The list of news orgs that support RSS is impressive. Any news syndication standard would be happy with such support. And maybe list some of the software devs who have invested in RSS, and who continue to do so. Standards aren't alive or dead, but as long as people persist in blaming RSS for their problems, we should probably accept the challenge. And thanks to the Rails folks for the idea. 💥 #
When I see the Nets won without the services of Kyrie or KD, I think of how depressed Knicks fans would be if they signed them.#
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.#

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