It's even worse than it appears.
I just released a new version of Concord, the first since 2013. This is the core outliner of LO2. Native file format is OPML. #
Podcast here. And there's an outline. #
When Jon Stewart went on CNN to plead that they give a shit. It's hard to watch because it was 2004, and it's gotten so much worse since then. Makes you realize that we wouldn't be in this mess if we had journalism instead of this garbage. Also fascinating that everyone thought he was joking, but everything he said was serious. The "news" was and is an emotional release.#
Someday you'll tune into Maddow and it'll be like this.#
It's great that Bloomberg is spending huge money on good advertising that correctly positions the Dems vs Trump. But it's only half the job. The other half is organizing the electorate so we are always mobilized and ready for action.#
Questions for all Democratic candidates, esp Bloomberg. Do you feel the president is above the law? If you are elected, will you use the new powers Trump has taken for himself? What will you do if Trump refuses to leave?#
I don’t miss Obama. When I see Obama I think of how we lost the war and he didn’t put up a fight. I think of how he let McConnell terrorize us without trying to organize us. I think history will judge him a failure. PS: This is btw why Biden has no chance.#
Something I learned a long time ago. Telling a nasty asshole bully troll what you really think of them might be satisfying, for a moment, but you end up with all the nasty shit in your heart and it doesn't go away. It's hard to hold back, but you must.#

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