It's even worse than it appears.
A new version of LO2, v1.8.8. This is the first one that can publish twitter threads. Also fixes to keystrokes. Here are the change notes.#
A short podcast explaining the new version of LO2.#
We need to view the government as a system, and unsentimentally fix the broken stuff, while preserving and enhancing the best core ideas that define America.#
After all the dust settles, the question Bloomberg asked about starting businesses, that's micro-targeted at me. Yes, I have started businesses. And I've built networks of software with millions of nodes.#
Manilapalooza, 3/25/2000.#
  • Watched the whole debate last night in despair, watching our last hopes evaporate. #
    • These debates are crazy.#
    • They do nothing to help us find good leaders. Probably the opposite. People who think and listen before speaking are penalized. Yet this is what we need from a leader.#
    • Has Bernie Sanders ever listened? To anyone? Ever?#
    • Biden is even more pitiful. Please if someone loves him tell him to quit. He lost.#
    • Amy doesn’t know when to shut up.#
    • I have no words for the disaster that is Warren.#
  • I were on the debate stage last night, I would have done what Bloomberg did. All these people yelling about crazy nonsense, a lot of it at me, should I join in the yelling? Fuck no.#
  • People say Bloomberg didn't respond to the accusations. I listened to what he said, this is what I heard.#
    • Yes, I made a lot of money, and I'm giving it all away.#
    • I made jokes about women and paid for my sins. #
    • A communist can't win in America.#
    • I'm a manager. I'm going to manage this. #
    • I'm sorry for my fuckups. #
  • What his critics really mean is that he declined to partake in the food fight. #
  • I was shocked when I realized that lots of people were going to vote for Trump. But that's nothing compared to the gobsmacking realization that enough people want Sanders that he might actually be the nominee.#
    • I guess the way to win people's hearts is to yell at them and over them, wave your hands in their face, and never listen to anyone.#
    • Sanders has a slogan for everything, except it's always the same slogan.#
    • I think Sanders would be great on Crossfire. As president. Oh god help us.#
    • Sanders is so awful he must be a Putin plant. When the oppo research comes out, obviously after he's nominated, I feel certain we're going to see pictures of him at dinner with Putin in Moscow with Jill Stein and Michael Flynn.#
  • I think everyone could stand to re-watch Jon Stewart on Crossfire.#
  • Felt sad when I realized Buttigieg is by far the youngest person on the stage, but Sanders is getting the support from young people.#
  • Bob Bierman: "Man. Dems are going to have to do better than spend the evening taking easy razzle-dazzle shots at a billionaire who lacks theatricality and defensiveness but is giving all his money away to progressive causes. Where were the redirects to core issues?"#
  • Brendan Greeley: "Bloomberg is an organization where journalists fly business class. I want to say that didn't matter but I also don't want to lie to you people."#

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