It's even worse than it appears.
A few years ago I wrote Health care is socialist, about health insurance. But I didn't consider this. If there's a lethal virus going around, and we want to slow it down, we need to know where it is. That's the first thing. We have to test lots of people as they are in South Korea. I suppose we could require that people pay for their own tests, but that's just a tax. We might as well simplify the accounting and pay for the testing with tax dollars. It's the same thing. So when Repubs say it would be bad to make health care socialist, they're tricking you. It already is socialist. They just want to siphon off a fat chunk of the health care money for themselves, for doing nothing. #
Two things to watch out for re the virus. 1. There will be anti-vaxer types who will say the test gives you the disease, so a fair number of people will refuse to be tested. 2. The government will realize that they need to control the press to control the flow of info about the virus. Best to think about it in case it happens. People who read this blog might be the people who figure out how to distribute info even if the government is trying to stop it. Probably will be easier to do before the press is controlled.#
Voter suppression is a philosophical crime. In the US we have a rule -- one person, one vote. So from a voting standpoint, state govt officials have as much say as any other voter. One vote. That's it. But they're trying to make their vote more powerful by preventing yours.#

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