It's even worse than it appears.
This is great. The Gates Foundation is backing a program to issue home testing kits for Covid19 in Seattle. #
The Magna Carta of Cancel Culture. The single worst idea promulgated on the net.#
$8.3 billion isn't nearly enough. It's pathetic. It shows that no one in our government has a clue about the scale of the problem. We need enough money to radically change the economics of health care in the US in an instant, the way the Chinese built new hospitals for Covid-19 patients. We, uniquely in the world, have the ability, at least for now, to make that much capital come into existence. We don't need to take out loans or increase the deficit. We need the money to provide for the sick, at home or in hospital, and to keep the supply chains open even if people aren't working and therefore can't afford what the supply chain is producing. We have to think clearly. #

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