It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday March 10, 2020; 10:40 AM EDT
  • Our friends in Italy are telling us we should learn from their experience and use the couple of weeks extra time we have to prepare. They appear to be doing this in Washington state. But not so much here in New York state.#
  • Those who survive the virus will have to live in its aftermath. The economy is going to stop like the economy in New Orleans did after Katrina. One of the big lessons of Katrina was that once stopped, it takes a long time for an economy to reboot.#
  • Not blaming gov Cuomo. People have to be mobilized. They're mobilized in Wash because they have the biggest outbreak in the US so far. And we are soft in the west, we can't imagine things being not-normal. People in New Orleans however I'm sure are aware of the hazard.#
  • If you absolutely must play hold music make it Ghostbusters.#

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