It's even worse than it appears.
Amazon has become the indispensible company.#
CBC Radio: How a chance meeting between a software developer and a longtime NPR host led to podcasting as we know it today.#
Anthony Fauci is a master of communication and math. #
Highly recommend today's Daily podcast -- an interview with a doctor in Bergamo, Italy. They give an idea of where our hospitals will be in two weeks if we don't lock down immediately. It should be a country-wide thing now. Every day we delay makes it that much worse. #
I met a driver for a big delivery company that does a lot of work for Amazon. He said they can't get gloves or hand cleaners. They know the boxes carry the virus for up to a day. Can't get time off to take care of the kids, so the grandmother is. The union is involved. Sounds like the whole thing is about to be shut down, which of course should not be allowed to happen. We need direct-to-home delivery. It's hugely important. If we had a government this would be high on the priority list. #
Airlines and cruise ships should be allowed to die.#
Additions to the list of notables with Coronavirus.#
โ€œWe donโ€™t have a clear exit strategy,โ€ Dr. Ferguson said of the recommended measures. โ€œWeโ€™re going to have to suppress this virus โ€” frankly, indefinitely โ€” until we have a vaccine.โ€#
This is an incredible time for reconnecting with old friends. Everyone has time now. No need to schedule a phone talk for three weeks hence. I know a lot of people who know a lot, Iโ€™m recalling.#
  • Things the government must do, asap.#
    • Testing kits deployed.#
    • Creating isolation beds. Don't send carriers home.#
    • Supply of hand sanitizer, thermometers.#
    • Food supply-chain, possible rationing.#
    • Monthly stipend to Americans (except rich).#
    • Stay in DC.#
    • Mitch McConnell quit whining.#
    • Trump resign. Pence resign. President Pelosi.#
  • I asked a theoretical question on Twitter yesterday. #
    • I have to take a drive today. I like to stop off at a McDonald's and get an Egg McMuffin and a coffee on this drive. The question is -- is this safe? What if someone preparing the food has the virus. #
  • Everyone said it was not safe. Later I thought, wait -- the virus has to enter the lungs. If you eat it, it's harmless, it never makes it to the lungs. I asked a doctor friend. He says: You are wrong. Don't eat it.#
    • The virus in the food attaches to receptors on the cells of the back of your throat, like any cold virus, and is taken into those cells, after which you become infected. It spreads to your lungs later. #
  • He continued:#
    • If it's super hot, that kills the virus. This is what I've been doing: order food, use gloves to touch the packaging. When you get home, open the package, dump the food out onto a plate, then throw that plate in the oven (or if you can heat on the stove, in a pot), then dump the packaging and wash hands. Packaging more likely to have the virus, but heat the food to almost boiling as well to ensure everything is dead. Hot food only, get a hot coffee and ice it yourself. #
  • Chart of symptons of Covid19, cold and flu. #

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