It's even worse than it appears.
Podcast feed for Cuomo daily briefing. Thanks to Richard Bluestein for doing the conversion to MP3. We now have two episodes. Questions or comments here. #
I have a friend whose birthday is today. This is what I wrote on her timeline. "Not much chance of a happy birthday this year, so I wish you some happiness today, maybe for a few moments before the sense of dread takes over again. This is what passes for birthday greetings in 2020."#
People wait in long line at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens.#
Someone should ask Trump what kind of country would we have with no health care because all the doctors are dead. Of course when it happens he’ll say “no one could have foreseen..” The US will beg first world countries to send us doctors. #
I just realized local news is a lot more relevant now. When Gov Cuomo speaks, I listen carefully now.#
The UK is getting its act together, after a bad start, meanwhile in the United States we know what to do, but can’t get our president to stop sulking. If he wants everyone to get back to work, he should set the example. Quit crying and do your job or get out of the way.#
I find this mesmerizing. #

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