It's even worse than it appears.
Here's a howto for the Cuomo daily podcast. #
BTW, for techies, here's a look at the actual XML of the feed. Browsers work hard to hide this from us, but it's interesting even if you don't know what all the elements do. #
I wonder how much more effective the lockdown would be if we all had good supplies of disinfectant. I have none. It's been two weeks. Why is there such a lag in producing hand sanitizers and wipes?#
If our country is to have strong national borders, we need a uniform lockdown policy across the whole country. Or else we have to form federations of states with identical policies. This is starting to happen in the northeast, btw.#
If Glenn Beck is so ready to die, he should kill himself, or shut up and let the dying speak for themselves to the extent they can. #
Imagine there’s a fire burning in your apartment building. Your apartment is engulfed in flame. The president says it’s time to go home, sends the fire department away. Back to work!#
Another analogy. General Patton is leading us to war with a dangerous enemy. He gives us an inspiring speech. Then he changes his mind and surrenders.#
Trump is suing to get this taken off the TV. I don't know why. It's all about Trump. I thought he liked the attention. #
I guess Trump's lawyers never heard of the Streisand Effect. #
Another silver lining. We're finding out which countries have the best health care systems.#
I'm looking into how to submit a podcast to Apple, and was surprised that their feed requirements are perfectly reasonable. I was expecting horrors.#

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