It's even worse than it appears.
Stop what you're doing and watch retired general Russel L. Honoré on the fiasco of the medical equipment supply chain. Clearly we're being looted by the Trumps.#
Don't forget, we have a podcast feed for Cuomo daily briefings. Subscribe in your favorite podcast client. #
This scene from The West Wing about smallpox.#
Some of my many trees. They laugh when I say they’re mine. Long after you’re gone, they say, we will still be here.#
Continuing to update Woodstock Today list.#
It sucks that there isn't a wiki-type food ordering app that takes no percentage of sales. I want the money to go to the deliverers and the restaurants. The restaurant would pay a flat monthly fee. At this late date there is no justification for the money the middlemen make.#
I think what Bill Gates is doing is terrific, but it's ironic that the thing that helped the Mac take over from Windows were viruses, and Microsoft's refusal at first to do anything about them.#
As time goes by more of us will realize the danger we're in. Soon it will be universal. Everyone will feel it. This will have a benefit. Being right doesn't matter as much as we thought. We can be more accepting of ourselves and each other.#
Another thing that will happen, is already happening. More art will flow through the net. It's now the main form of human expression. I predicted this, going back to the beginning. People thought I was nuts. We were building a platform for human expression. Communication with a Big C.#
I predict that this week we will finally realize, the vast majority of Americans, that Trump is a distraction, an impediment, a sideshow. Finally the focus will be where it should have been since January, the virus.#
We will all be more patient in the future. What's a few minutes compared to all the waiting we're doing now. It's funny, I could keep developing, nothing in my way, but for the first time in a long time, I can't get the excitement or even the interest to actually do the work. Not that I don't get ideas. I'm much more interested in finding a good online version of Hearts, Sorry or Risk. Or if there were a way to play Wii games online. Now that would be interesting. But I don't want to write the software, thank you very much. 💥#

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