It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday April 28, 2020; 6:01 PM EDT
  • Tuesday morning, still fucking around with Dropbox. These things usually end up costing a week of burnout. One of my servers is a place I leave apps I don't use much, but want to still be able to look at. And one or two that are mainstays. Let's say that server is named Alaska. A long time ago Dropbox stopped working on that machine. That made it hard but not impossible for me to update the apps. I have a utility that helps move files from S3 to folders on Alaska. But the data on Alaska is not backed up. So that's a permanent kind of burnout. There is stuff being generated on this server. It would be bad to lose it. Not being backed up. So now I'm trying to resolve that. #
  • One thing I could use to help factor out Dropbox, for the backup side of things, is a headless Public Folder. Putting that on the todo list. #
  • Later: My server karma is low. I can't get Dropbox to install on a fresh Ubuntu server at Digital Ocean. Have a look and tell me what to fix. #
  • Even later: I noticed the "Alaska" server (see above) is now updating via Dropbox. One of the million nudges must've worked. Amazing. I have no idea which magic incantation worked. #

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