It's even worse than it appears.
Monday May 4, 2020; 9:04 AM EDT
  • Think about the moment in 2008 when future-president Obama spoke to explain what happened when his pastor was discovered to have said some true but unpleasant things about race in America. #
  • Obama put it in context, honestly, sympathetically, passionately, forcefully and presidentially. We need a moment like that, for gender. To validate the grievances of women, but also to test every accusation carefully, with justice, in the way envisioned by our Constitution.#
  • In something as consequential as a presidential election, there has to be a time when you must speak or forever hold your peace. To make the accusation at the point when it can do the greatest damage not just to the candidate, but to the country, even to the world, we can't allow that. Even if Biden did what he's accused of, the choice of timing, when it was sure to do the greatest damage, is a much greater abuse with much larger consequences. #
  • The press only looks at these things from the point of view of the two parties, and as a result the conversations we have about it often ignore our own point of view. With all the death and disease and economic hardship, all the fear and a complete void of leadership in the US government, we can't ignore our own interests. #
  • We have to stay on course to at least have a chance to right this by November if not sooner. This is not the time to stop and self-destruct. We have to be smarter and more willful than that. #

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