It's even worse than it appears.
BTW, a medical researcher friend offers a theory why CV-like diseases slow down in the summer. Might not have to do with heat, rather the health of the people. We exercise more in summer than winter. We're generally in better shape, he says. A theory.#
On MSNBC last night, I learned something from David Frum that I had read in one of his Atlantic columns, but hearing him say it verbally brought it home in a whole new way. The reason McConnell wants the blue states to declare bankruptcy instead of defaulting is then the states will be administered by judges. The crazy corrupt Putin-approved judges he's been getting confirmed. So they can loot every last bit of money from the US. It's not enough to loot the US treasury, he wants to get the money of New York, California and Illinois, and also the purple and red states. It doesn't sound as good if he bullshits about Georgia, Texas and Arizona, but he wants their money too. Putin and his cronies are experts at hoovering up all the money. They should give Frum a permanent ten minutes every night on MSNBC to explain stuff this way. (Also get him a better net connection.) It would at least be more interesting, we might even be able to head off some of the depravity.#
Imagine we’re trying to get in shape, have to lose 50 pounds. We diet and work out for a month, lose ten pounds. Wow that was hard. We’re done. Let’s go out for a food party. 2 weeks later we’ve regained the ten we lost and added another 40.#
To a friend who lives in the UK. "Anyway we're both fucked. You live in the crazyiest European country, and I live in America. We just surrendered to the virus yesterday, in case you didn't hear." 💥#
BTW, there is some schadenfreude-type gratification in knowing that the virus is going to destroy Putin too. #

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