It's even worse than it appears.
A couple of nights ago Rachel Maddow told the story of a group of entrepreneurs in Salt Lake City who set up a free Covid-19 testing program. Yes, they had the arrogance that's common to tech entrepreneurs, I know it very well. But they were trying to do good. I don't often notice the sarcasm and superiority in Maddow's stories, but I did for this one. I kept waiting for her to say what evil they had done, but it never came. Some doctors commented that their arrogance was ugly, and their tests could suck, sure, but it colored everything I hear from Maddow in a new way, the way she seethed when she talked about Facebook a couple of years ago, from ignorance. In that case I knew the facts. So why not just report the facts, without so much attitude, and let us make up our own minds. And then I wondered how much do I listen to her for the superiority versus getting any real information. Another way to see it is what if a Fox News person used the tone she used. Would you see it then. I actually shut her off in the middle of the show last night, I want to re-think whether she is a force for good, and should I be paying attention to her at all. I know I've been here before with her and the rest of MSNBC. There aren't a whole lot of choices. #
Maddow even saw as corrupt, with a raised brow, that the tech industry in Salt Lake City calls itself Silicon Slopes. It's dorky, and so what. NYC calls its tech industry Silicon Alley. #
When I get fed up with MSNBC, I switch to 30 Rock reruns on Amazon. At least their attitude is funny. Really funny. LOL funny. #
We don't know who will be affected by Covid-19 in the future. People assume most young people don't have symptoms, but we really have no idea. One thing we do know that it isn't binary. You don't necessarily just recover back to who you were before you got the disease. The symptoms linger. The damage in some cases is permanent. Chickenpox shows up again later in life as shingles, for example. Covid is a serious illness. People who play politics with it, and want to convince you it's not serious, don't have a clue, because even the most skilled and educated medical scientists don't know what lies ahead. #

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