It's even worse than it appears.
Sunday May 10, 2020; 10:25 AM EDT
  • Now that my parents have been gone for some considerable time, our differences come into focus.#
  • I felt that my life was dispensable, temporary, so I was ready to take risks that they didn't want me to take.#
  • If you took them at face value, they were sure I was going to fail and be dependent on them. That I would fail at what I was trying to do, and then be a failure at life. That could have been the outcome. I was certainly close a few times! ;-)#
  • Why I was willing to take such risks is something I don't know. I have theories about it but I'm too close to have a good idea. I am what I am, it never was in question that I would do risky things. I wanted to do big things from a very young age. #
  • My parents on the other hand valued security above all else. They had steady jobs, savings accounts, were very careful with their money. #
  • Funny thing was that both my grandfathers were pretty sure I was doing the right thing.#
  • Even though I overcame their objections, I don't think either of my parents ever forgot the judgement they formed years earlier, that I was a failure. On a personal level I still took big risks even if I had established myself from a productivity standpoint. (This was my mother's biggest value, that we be productive.)#
  • They were depression era refugees in World War II. #
  • I am a Boomer. #
  • I think that explains a bunch of it, btw. #
  • I think they would be surprised to know that I actually did pick up most of their values re money. While I have been willing to roll the dice on new ideas I either thought had potential or I believed in for other reasons, otherwise I am quite conservative in the way I live, though it took me a while to arrive at that. Acquiring too much is a burden, living as lightly as you can is a good value. That was my mother's thing. I never have been very organized in record-keeping. In that I am original, both my parents were very good at that. Maybe that's my act of rebellion. ;-)#
  • Also people who think the story of Boomers is written, consider Covid-19. We're still here, it's part of our story too. For all the hardship my parents' generation survived, they never had to deal with a pandemic. I'd love to send them an email about that. My grandparents on the other hand were around for the 1918 pandemic.#

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